If you install Presente3D it will run in a demo mode until you have installed your license key. You will notice that your presentation will contain a watermark and activation bar when viewing 3D Content. 

Presente3D running in Demo Mode with watermark

Note: When viewing a presentation in demo mode you will be limited to viewing the first 5 slides of your presentation and be presented with a Presente3D watermark in the top right corner.

When you purchase a license for Presente3D you will be delivered a unique license key similar to below:


You will launch Microsoft PowerPoint and Navigate to the Presente3D tab and click on the About button.

You will then click on the Enter License Key Button.


You will then enter your Name, Email Address and the provided license key into the appropriate field as shown:

Online Activation:

Once you have entered the information above you need to click the Activate Online button. 

This will connect to the Presente3D licensing server and activate your product. If successful you with get a message that you have successfully activated the product.

If unsuccessful you will get a notice to check that you have entered the license key correctly and if you have to contact Presente3D support atsupport@presente3D.com

Error Message if Activation is Unsuccessful

Note: Some corporate firewalls will block the port that Presente3D is communicating with to the licensing server. If you have entered the license key correctly it may be necessary to use the Offline Activation detailed below.

Offline Activation:

There may be a time when you do not have an internet connection available for the computer you are using for 3D Presentations. Presente3D allows you to activate your Presente3D add-on by contacting our support department directly.

You can contact us in two ways:

Email: support@presente3D.com

Phone: 732-573-4186

Please follow the steps below to activate the product offline:

Click the Activate Offline button. 

When Activate Offline is clicked a new window will be opened that contains you Offline Activation Information that you must provide a Presente3D support representative.

Provide Presente3D support with the License Key and the Activation Request information above.

Presente3D will provide you with an Activation Key that you will enter into the Activation Key area below:

Then Click Activate Offline.

If successful you will get a thank you message.

If unsuccessful you will get a message to contact Presnete3D support or to reenter your information.