When you run Microsoft PowerPoint for the first time after installing Presente3D you will see the Presente3D Tab appear on your Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon Bar.


Figure 1: Presente3D Ribbon Bar in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

This is where you will access all the features of Presente3D from within Microsoft PowerPoint.

View 3D Menu

Contains settings for launching the Presente3D render Engine. This menu allows you to View your Current Sldie, View the Whole Presentation or to run the Presente3D Renderer in Autoscale mode for object scaling.

View Current Slide Button

If you select the View Current Slide you will be able to convert the currently selected slide in Microsoft PowerPoint to 3D.  Presente3D will export the current selected slide to the Presente3D Render Engine and convert the slide to 3D based on the parameters entered in the Properties Menu for each of the selected objects on the slide.

View Presentation Button

If you select the View Presentation button, all slides in your PowerPoint Presentation will be converted to 3D.  Presente3D will export all slides to the Presente3D Render Engine and apply all parameters entered in the Properties Menu for each of the selected objects in the presentation.

Note: If you have a large presentation and slow PC it can take a couple minutes to convert the complete presentation to Presente3D. It is recommended as you work on your presentation that you use the View Current Slide and only use View Presentation when you are done with setting all your values for the Presentation.

AutoScale  On/Off

If you enable the Autoscale Button on the Menu Presente3D will automatically scale objects as they are moved in Z-Depth so that they appear at the same size that was the 2D PowerPoint.

Below is a sample of a 2D PowerPoint Presentation exported to Presente3D with Autoscale On and off:

Original 2D Presentation created in PowerPoint

AutoScale turned off objects appear smaller in distance and larger closer to the camera

Figure 8: Autoscale turned on objects are automatically scaled in z-depth to match original PowerPoint. (Anaglyph Glasses required for Viewing)

Note: Using the Autoscale function can speed up making a 3D Presentation by allowing you not have to move objects on your slide in PowerPoint in order to compensate for movement in Z-depth in the Presente3D render engine.