The advanced menu is reserved for advanced features in Presente3D. Currently, Presente3D contains the Attach Stereo Pair image button for adding a Stereo Pair images to selected image on a slide.

Attach Stereo Pair

Attach stereo pair button allows you to attach the Right Eye Image to a Left Eye Image that is placed on a PowerPoint Slide.

Presente3D does not support attaching a Side By Side or Above Below images directly to an image on a PowerPoint. Your stereo pair images must be separate Left Eye and Separate Right eye Image files.

Note: If your stereo image is in side by side, anaglyph or Top Bottom format we suggest downloading StereoPhoto Maker to separate the images into separate Right and Left eye images that can be attached using Presente3D. You can download StereoPhoto Maker for free from the link below:

How to attach a stereo pair image:


Below is an example of how to insert a stereo pair image.

  • Insert a Left Eye Image onto a slide using the Insert > Pictures button on the Ribbon Bar.

  • Select the Image on the Slide
  • Press the Attach Stereo Pair button

  • Browse your hard drive for the equivalent Right eye Image on your hard drive and select Open:

Note: The Right Eye Image will be copied into your PowerPoint File. If you mail the PowerPoint presentation to another user and they have Presente3D they will be able to view the Stereo Image on their machine. The do not have to reattach the stereo image.